During the summer (July 2012), the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF)conference was held in Dublin.  This conference hosted many ‘celebrities’ of the scientific community and was an an event that truly put Ireland on the map.

Dr. Craig Venter was one of the highlights for me, and here is a link to one of his presentations (he performed the historic ‘this is life’ talk and then subsequently performed the presentation below).  If you have an interest in science at all, or are curious about where developments can take us….you have to see this talk.  Many refer to Dr. Craig Venter as a new God – being able to create new life!  I hope you enjoy the presentation (you can skip the advertisment at the beginning if you wish).


You can see other videos recorded at ESOF Dublin 2012 below:

Watch live streaming video from esof2012 at livestream.com