Welcome!  At many stages during the module (and your scientific career), you will drawing graphs.  Some you will sketch yourself during laboratory sessions, while others you will be able to put together at home as part of your lab write-up.

There are many key aspects to a graph:

  • title
  • x-axis labelling
  • y-axis labelling
  • correct y scale used so graph fills the page correctly
  • Log vs algorithmic scales
  • trend lines
  • origin of graphs (depending on the type of graph)
  • format of graph – bar vs line vs pie chart

Below please find a very short tutorial on how you can use Microsoft Excel to generate a graph.  I hope you find it helpful.Please note the tutorial was recorded on a Mac computer, so Excel layout may vary slightly on a PC.

Please watch in Full-Screen mode (you may have to click the ‘YouTube’ logo at the bottom right of the video below – YouTube will then open and there you can click the full-screen icon on the bottom right of the video).