This tab allows students access to course material for the modules I teach at Dundalk Institute of Technology.  Currently, you must be a registered student at DkIT to obtain access to the files.

For those students who have been granted access, you will have a link to the following:

*  Class notes (slides from the lectures given during the term).  Here you can print your handouts, or even download the files so that you can access them on your laptop, smartphone or iPad (they are in PDF format), meaning you can access what you need anytime, anywhere.

* Access and links to videos found on YouTube that will help your learning and understanding of the course.

* Overviews of laboratory sessions with samples

* Research project assistance

Please also check out the Student Resources tab where you will see links to various sites/facilities that will certainly be of benefit to you during your time in college.

Best of luck, I hope you find this helpful… go and click on your module title!

Molecular Bioscience – TERM 1 Molecular Bioscience – TERM 2 Biotherapeutics Y3 Project Upstream Processing Y4 Project